This is the perfect time of your life to embark on the Journey Discovery.

  • Discover your passion and purpose

  • Get guidance on careers that fit with who you are & what you value most

  • Find the college or career school that prepares you well for the road ahead

  • Learn how to graduate with little or no debt



You've started a journey, but is it the right one for your long-term happiness?

  • Discover your passion and purpose

  • Get guidance on jobs that match your personality, talents and interests. 

  • Learn how to graduate with little or no debt

  • Learn the steps for landing your desired internship or job


Do you know you want to do something different, but don't know what that is? 

  • Discover who you are & why you are here as the base for finding the career path that's right for you

  • Get guidance on path correction & finding  a job you really love

  • Create a resume that gets results and learn how to secure great letters of recommendation

  • Learn how to best prepare for and perform well on job interviews 

for more information or to get started on your JOURNEY

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“When our daughter started the Program, she had no idea about what career path she wanted to pursue. After working with Dave, she now has a clear sense of who she is and a career direction and course of studies that fit her well. We are so thankful for Dave’s direction.”  —Effy Linn

“Before the Journeys Program, Jacob had some vision of his future, but not a specific path. The Program helped him gain clarity about his choices in the engineering field as well as provided resources on how to get there with as little financial burden as possible. Thank you for all of the mentoring support you provided." —Diane McCutcheon

“The Journeys Program helped me gain a better understanding of who I am and to find a clear direction for my future.” —Sam Milhollin

“This Program helped me find myself and unveil my genuine aspirations. It is the best thing I have ever done.” —Katie Lyne