Certified Enneagram Consultant

Dave received his certification from "The Enneagram Institute” of New York, one of the top rated Enneagram training programs in the world.

The Enneagram is one of the most accurate and complete personality typologies that helps people better understand and appreciate themselves and others. This foundation of empathetic understanding forms a strong basis for communicating more effectively with others.  


It is used in The Journeys Program to help students and adults better understand the career direction that is the best fit with their unique personality, talents, purpose and passion.


  • Featured workshop presenter at the first International Enneagram Conference held at Stanford University.

  • Writer of 3 book manuscripts on the Enneagram and author of forthcoming book entitled, The Practice of Love—The Art of Growing in Greater Love of Yourself, Others and God.

  • Facilitator of Enneagram-based workshops and retreats for churches, businesses and groups for over 40 years.

  • Developer of  "Building Strong Relationships" workshops & retreats using the Enneagram and one proven practice for enhancing relationships.

Meet our founder


Many years ago I was handed a stack full of papers entitled "Occupations in the World from A-Z." For the next two hours I read through the entire list waiting for one to jump out at me. Calling and career counseling was literally the only one that caused the light bulb to turn brightly on. Did I listen then to what I now know to be my calling? No. 


After a 7 year stint in the seminary, I got my Masters in Religious Education and began my 10 year high school teaching, coaching and retreat giving career. Three of those years were spent as a college and career counselor in an independent school and were the happiest years of my working life.


Did I listen then as my calling appeared right under my nose? Once again, no. What was it, then, that finally moved me decades later to water the seed of calling and career counseling for students and adults and bring it to life?


Just before marrying Janie and adopting our two girls from China, I became independently wealthy. I had everything and really didn't need anything or anyone else, including God. I was wealthy and didn't want to let go of that identity.


Then, one day, we received the news that we had literally lost everything in a bad investment. It took this devastating event to begin waking me up. I say "begin" because it took me 2 years to finally begin facing the truth about myself and begin making needed changes.


Over the next six months I wrote daily in my journal. After that period, I read over all my journal entries and was amazed to discover that I had spontaneously written 4 questions down in the same order 75 different times! Those questions were: Who am I?, What are my talents?, Why am I here? and What do I feel moved to do next?


After grappling with and answering these questions for myself, I felt strongly moved to help others answer them for real as well. It was out of this reflective period that The Journeys Program was born.

Guiding the discovery of God-given personalities, talents, passions, and careers since 1973.