consisting of 5 or more students:
  • $ 197 per person for both workshops—Parents attend FREE
To lay the foundation for identifying your career path, at the 1st Saturday Workshop you will clarify:
  • your core personality type.
  • your talents & what you most enjoy doing. 
  • what makes your life worth living.
With the foundation in place from the 1st workshop, at the 2nd Saturday Workshop you will learn how:
  • to find the career direction that allows you to be who you are and utilize your talents for the service of others. 
  • to find the college, major, career school or educational training that will best prepare you for success in your field.
  • financial aid actually works and how to graduate with little or no debt. 
If you need extra guidance after the workshops, Dave offers one-on-one help either in person or over the phone at: 
$ 47 per hour
If you'd prefer going through the entire program one-on-one with Dave, you can do so at:
$ 497 for 8 hours of individual mentoring and learning all the essentials covered in the two Saturday workshops above.
Note: If Saturdays do not work for your group, different days and times can be scheduled to fit your needs. 

Looking for info. on live Journeys workshops, groups or retreats?  Contact us.

Money Back


No Risk Offer

You have 15 days after sign up to test-drive The Journeys Program by completing the Personalty Profile, Talents, and What You Most Enjoy Doing AssessmentsIf you decide after completing these assessments with one-on-one mentoring that the Program isn't right for you, we will provide a full refund no questions asked.